David Thompson

Fourth Quarter - 2018

Hello, David Thompson here. I’ve been a part-timer with Hoovestol out of Kansas City since 2005 after retiring from a federal government career in 2003. It has worked out well or I wouldn’t still be here, obviously. I still enjoy watching the scenery go by, even if it is the same scenery, often times at night. The mad money comes in handy for my hobbies, too. I grew up around farm machinery so it’s a natural that one day I’d be collecting it. The latest to join the fleet is a 1936 Ford grain truck I plan to have back on the road next summer. Another interest (more expensive!) is my horses. The one in the photo is Mia Regazza - in Italian it means My Girl. She’s quite an accomplished show jumper and it’s almost guaranteed whoever’s driving by will stop to gawk at the crazy old coot on that big ol’ horse when we’re practicing in the arena. Speaking of old….birthday number 70 keeps getting closer and my present to myself will be full retirement. It has been a good ride with Hoovestol and will be for a while longer, but soon I’ll be leaving the fun to the rest of you guys. Wish you the best.

Kent Miller

Third Quarter - 2018