Dan Genisio

Fourth Quarter - 2017

I'm Dan Genisio and I've been with Hoovestol Inc since Nov 1999. I started on the St. Louis to Wichita run for 9.5 yrs and then transferred to Wendover NV, before settling in Cedar City Utah. I enjoy working for this company. I was raised on a farm in Illinois. In my spare time, I raise a few farm animals and dogs. I love to fish and work on equipment and cars and also help my wife with her flowers. I have 2 boys and 5 grandchildren. I got married to Grace in 2014. I hope to retire from Hoovestol some day and I will say it's been a great pleasure working with the management and drivers over the years. It's a great company to work for. Thank u Wayne and Monica for the experience.

Jerry Ishcomer

Third Quarter - 2017

My name is Jerry Ishcomer. When I was notified that I was the " quarter driver" of 2017, I was really honored. My dedicated route of 19 years is to drive from Farmer City, Illinois to Indianapolis, Indiana and back. As I was driving, I started to reflect my life with Hoovestol. When I initially called about the job, a gentleman who's name is Tony, told me that the only reason people leave Hoovestol is because either they retire or they pass away. From day one I knew that I had found the right company and that I was going to stay with them, for the rest of my working career, Lord willing. My co workers in Farmer City and Indianapolis are more like family to me. Yes, we all have different personalities, some good and some bad. But, when it comes down to it, we're always there to help each other out when needed. The people from the home terminal in Eagan, MN most of whom I've never met, are always friendly and helpful. I can say that it's been a pleasure working with you over the phone. Besides working for Hoovestol, I enjoy my home time with Joetta, and our little Shih Tzu, Katie Marie. I also enjoy working on our newly acquired cabin in the country and tinkering around on my antique cars, which include several 1969 Torinos, a 1972 Olds 442 convertible and a 1969 Shelby GT 500. Yes I am a certified " Car Nut" ... just ask my co workers... lol. To sum it all up, as I look back through my years with working with the people at Hoovestol, I feel that everyone that I've dealt with deserves to be honored, because they too care about making this company successful. If there is anyone who is more deserving of an award of being " Employer of all time" it would be given to the family of Wayne and Monica Hoovestol. This family's dedication and sacrifices is what has made this company one of the largest mail carriers.in the United States.With this, they have helped so many employees be able to provide for their families, and achieve their dreams and goals. I'm sure that I can speak for everyone in the Hoovestol trucking family, and say, "Thank you Wayne and Monica, for including us, and making yours and our dreams come true."

Charles Smith

Second Quarter - 2017